Survey Clinic
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    Last modified: November 09, 2016 09:47:14.

    Objective: Build data-related capacity through participating in advancing  and developing research capabilities and skills of QU community members.
    Services offered to QU community include consultation in the areas of:

    • Survey project management 
    • Questionnaire design and development
    • Sample design and selection 
    • Data adjustments/data weighting
    • Data entry setup
    • Data cleaning and coding
    • Analysis plans
    • Data analysis using the statistical software SPSS or STATA
    • Presentation of results

    When can you visit the clinic?
    Every Thursday from 9 am to1  pm at the New Library Building B-13, 3rd floor, office: 432

    For more information, please contact 
    Phone: 4403 30 20

    Social and Economic Survey Research Institute

    Qatar University

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