Training & Workshops 2017
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    Last modified: April 24, 2017 12:03:42.

    Workshop on Survey-based Experiments

    April 16 – 20, 2017
    9 am – 12 pm

    Presenters: Elisabeth Gerber and Michael Traugott - Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan

    This workshop will introduce participants to the design of experiments in surveys.  Well-designed experiments give a researcher improved causal leverage over the simple bservation of differences within a traditional survey.  Organized around the Total Survey Error (TSE) approach to the design of surveys, it will emphasize different kinds of experiments that can be introduced at different stages of the survey process. 

    This will include experiments directed to sample design, mode of interviewing, interviewing, and questionnaire design (wording, order, and response categories).  In addition to examples of different designs, the workshop will also focus on examples of analytical approaches to evaluating experimental data. 


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