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    Last modified: January 25, 2017 13:39:22.

    With the emergence of Qatar as a powerhouse on the global scene, the need for empirical studies and comparative research is becoming ever more pressing to place Qatari indicators in regional and international perspectives. At SESRI, researchers are involved in cutting-edge studies in a number of areas that are vital to the country and the region as a whole.

    SESRI’s research interests span all topics of importance to Qatari society, including labor and employment, modernization and shifts in social values, education, health, family structure, and media impact. 

    The Institute engages in local, regional, and international surveys. Internally Initiated Projects form the core of the SESRI research agenda. They are initiated by researchers at the Institute, sometimes in association with faculty members at the University or with other external collaborators. Commissioned Projects are requested by members of the external community, including development organizations, non-governmental organizations and private businesses, etc. Such projects must be in line with SESRI's mission and related to its broader research agenda. 


    To see SESRI’s projects and survey results, visit the Publications & Results page.

    To submit a project request for your organization, visit the Contact Us page.

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